Thermo Structured Surface

What is Thermofused Melamine (TFM)?

TFM panels take engineered wood substrates one step further, turning particleboard into a finished decorative panel by thermally fusing a durable decorative surface to each face.

Thermofused melamine (TFM) is a high-value, decorative surface panel.  TFM panels begins at the core and then undergo a process of thermally fusing (no gluing necessary!) a decorative paper printed with high-resolution woodgrains, abstract designs or solid colors to either one of both surfaces of the panel. The papers are treated with a melamine resin that, under heat and pressure, actually become part of the panel itself – thus the term “thermofused” melamine.

TFM is used in conjunction with complementary products to produce commercial millwork, office and healthcare furniture, retail displays, residential furniture, kitchen & bathroom cabinetry, closet organizers, and wall panelling…anywhere a decorative, durable, economical, easy-to-maintain surface is needed.

Carb 2 Compliant, Extremely Durable, Looks and Feels Like Real Wood Veneer, Cost saving compared to real wood veneer and reconstituted veneer. Panels are ideally conceived as sharp definitions of spaces and volumes in interiors – functioning as doors, partitions, sliding walls, furniture panelling – and made unique by original, lasting and hard-wearing surfaces in a sophisticated and ever-evolving range of colours.






Research, innovation and technology are the distintive features of the thermo structured surface line of products, brought forth by the commitment and passion of European manufacturers. Fusion results from the incorporation of textiles and threads to panels and laminated surfaces through state of the art technology, and provides the world of interior design with highly innovative solutions in both aesthetics and functionality. A new surface with a versatile, original and eclectic personality, interpreting up to date trends through surprising textures and palettes to offer projects and productions a whole new range of solutions in style.