San Jose Modern European Cabinets

Bay Area Cabinetry has serviced different jobs throughout the Bay Area the past couple of years. San Jose is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the country, and has experienced significant increase in demand for new housing.

The market for San Jose Modern European Cabinets is growing more than ever, with European Cabinets eclipsing the demand among other styles. The minimalist design and lack of excessive molding are appealing to todays consumer. It allows the home to do more with less, and the lack of excessive framing creates a more streamlined look to the space.

A significant portion of new homebuyers are looking for a modern cabinet and that is for a number of reasons. Custom Contemporary Cabinetry has a:

  • High gloss
  • Quality Veneer
  • Made with sustainable practices in mind
  • Collected from renewable materials

With this in mind, it is important to remember that modern cabinets are hot items now. The shift toward more minimalist designs will not be reversing anytime soon. European cabinet designs are less like a Norman Rockwell painting, and more of an artist you have never heard of painting.

A modern cabinet can make your space look bigger without costing you more. Modern cabinets are designed without frames. European designs influence most manufacturers and that is where we derive our inspiration from as well. Modern cabinets are not made from traditional materials. European cabinets are less wasteful, in both their construction and function. Modern cabinets are compact and sleek. European cabinets leave a bold impression on those who view them. Modern cabinets are usually without any embellishment. Most importantly, modern cabinets can be custom made to fit your functional needs.

San Jose Modern Cabinets that meet LEED Certification standards are not easy to come by. European cabinets that are also working towards becoming CARB certified , meaning that our entire chain of manufacturing is under the proper standards regarding wasteful emissions.