San Francisco Modern European Cabinets

Bay Area Cabinetry is a big player in the remodeling industry. Our cabinets reflect the current trends of Modern European Cabinets. Modern Cabinets consist of minimalist designs, sleek edges, and a sleek and minimalist European Cabinet style. Contact us to find out more!

The biggest reason a personal remodeling is undertaken is because of two factors

  1. The cabinet’s finish is coming apart
  2. An appliance failure

It is for this reason that many property owners opt to redesign their homes with Modern Cabinets.

Our high gloss finish cabinets are guaranteed to blow the previous cabinets you owned out of the water. Custom Contemporary Cabinets fit in alongside the San Francisco cache right now, seeing as how most things can be custom made fairly easily. San Francisco homes are notorious for their leading designs and adoption of European trends. Our cabinetry will add a touch of flair to your home in any room. We produce large quantities of custom cabinetry for San Francisco contractors in the bathroom cabinetry and kitchen cabinetry arena. A new design of Modern European Cabinetry can be applied to any room in the home, with just a few modifications.

The cabinets are made in a process that is environmentally sustainable and in accordance with current California environmental regulations.

San Francisco Kitchen Remodeling

Our company has experience with navigating the complications in involved when it comes to remodeling in San Francisco. Remodeling your home in San Francisco can come with a lot of loose threads, which is why it’s imperative to hire a company like ours to handle the complications. Installing Modern European Cabinetry in San Francisco has a lot of restrictions when it comes to permits, licenses, etc. and we have many completed projects under our belt that speak to our experience with compliance in environmentally friendly installations. Our San Francisco approved kitchen cabinets are used for remodeling and built from scratch.

We are owned and operated by Bay Area natives who understand San Francisco and what the market is looking for. The market is looking for Modern Cabinets. The homebuyers of today want something sleek and European Cabinets fit the bill. Our Modern European Cabinets can be custom made to any styling, we specialize in contemporary Modern European Styles and offer competitive rates.

Our offerings of modern cabinets are often sourced from environmentally friendly cabinets. We accomplish this by choosing the suppliers we wish to do business with ourselves, and finding the factories that are least harmful to the environment. San Francisco wants to make the world a greener place, and Bay Area Cabinetry wants to be a part of that initiative. Our kitchen cabinets come from many different schools of design. You will find that whatever you may be looking for, or have seen at another competitor- we also have for a more competitive price.

Our modern cabinets are made from environmentally respectful raw materials.We are environmentally friendly in the manufacturing and shipping process. Our companies product’s have met LEED Certification standards. Our company is working towards becoming CARB certified , meaning that our entire chain of custody has met emission standards.

We provide contemporary European styles (German, Scandinavian) at an impressively reasonable price point. The cabinets are custom made and we oversee all levels of operation, ensuring a smooth ordering process from start to finish. The chain of manufacturing is carefully regulated and kept in check with San Francisco Wood Panel manufacturing specifications.