San Francisco Kitchen Remodeling


San Francisco Kitchen Remodeling is not a simple task. San Francisco remodeling projects are abundant with headaches have to do with licenses and restrictions when it comes to remodeling. Bay Area Cabinetry was founded by two San Francisco natives who know this city and it’s draconian construction codes. They are well versed in working with property managers and construction companies that specialize in San Francisco kitchen remodeling.

San Francisco is a unique building environment. Land is at a premium, which makes every kitchen remodeling effort almost a guaranteed return on investment. There is definitely an effort toward building more modern and contemporary styled kitchen. Bay Area Cabinetry excels in this category.

San Francisco Kitchen Remodeling In Small Spaces

In-laws and studios are popular choices for many residents, and property managers know this. Which is why most new apartments feature eco friendly, contemporary cabinets. The San Francisco kitchen remodeling industry is the leader in green building in this country and we are following that trend in our efforts as well.

Our founders believe in creating an environmentally respectful product. They source the products themselves, having visited the factories they are built in and having strong supplier relations. The products are CARB certified and are made from particle board and other sustainable materials such as bamboo and composite. San Francisco remodeling efforts usually focus on what is cool and hip- and right now that is contemporary green cabinetry. Our kitchen remodeling is San Francisco approved.

An inlaw apartment is a great opportunity for most property managers to invest in. It can pay high amounts of rent per square foot. A new kitchen in San Francisco is considered the holy grail for renters and buyers. However, what most apartments in the city lack is a newly remodeled charm. A basement in-law can be turned into a great studio apartment with just a few kitchen remodeling changes. The green appeal is also very hot and will stay strong for the foreseeable future.

Being a homeowner or property manager in San Francisco is a golden ticket right now- a basement can be an apartment and with the proper kitchen remodeling it can have a charming appeal.



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