San Francisco Custom Cabinets

Our company has experience with navigating the complications involved when it comes to remodeling in San Francisco. Remodeling your home in San Francisco can come with a lot of loose threads, which is why its imperative to hire a company like ours to handle the complications. San Francisco has a lot of restrictions when it comes to permits, licenses, etc. and we have many completed projects under our belt that speak to our environmental respect. Our San Francisco approved kitchen cabinets are used for remodeling and built from scratch.

We are owned and operated by Bay Area natives who understand San Francisco and what the market is looking for. Our cabinets can be custom made to any styling, we specialize in contemporary European Styles and offer competitive rates.

We specialize in environmentally friendly cabinets. We source the material ourselves, choosing the materials that have the least impact on the environment. San Francisco wants to make the world a greener place, and we want to be a part of that. Our kitchen cabinets come from many different schools of design. You will find that whatever you may be looking for, or have seen at another competitor- we also have for a more competitive price.

Our cabinetry is made from green materials. We are environmentally friendly in the manufacturing and shipping process. Our companies product’s have met LEED Certification standards. Our company is CARB certified , meaning that our entire chain of custody has met emission standards.

We can show you how!

We provide contemporary European styles (German, Scandinavian) at an affordable rate. The cabinets are custom made and we oversee all levels of operation, ensuring a smooth ordering process from start to finish. The chain of manufacturing is carefully regulated and kept in check with San Francisco Wood Panel manufacturing specifications.

  • San Francisco Green Bathroom Cabinets made with European Styling
  • Green Remodeling Practices
  • Products are sourced and certified by LEED standards
  • Our Company is CARB certified

Bay Area Cabinetry started out with the goal to service the San Francisco Cabinetry Green Market. So far, we have succeeded in catering to that market.

Our bathroom cabinets are made from environmentally conscious materials. The spectrum ranges from full wood to softer evergreens like bamboo, as well as sources like Melamine and particle board. Our company oversees all levels of production and therefore ensures quality control in the emissions process. We are dedicated to meeting all Green Building Requirements in every city in the Bay Area like Oakland and San Jose, for instance.

The bathroom is one of the most taken for granted luxuries in contemporary society. Our bathroom fixtures and cabinets reflect the opportunity to reinvent your home and lifestyle. For centuries only the elite have been able to enjoy one, now everyone has access to a high quality bathroom cabinet and washbasin made of environmentally friendly materials.

Business to Business

Bay Area Cabinetry understands how challenging setting up a construction project is for any entity. Be it a hobbyist or a large company. We deal with license issues ourselves and have experience in obtaining permits and other legal documentation needed to proceed on large jobs. We specialize in manufacturing custom orders and also offer installation and follow up services.

Our pricing is flexible for numerous orders and repeat business and we are happy to discuss further.

Our styles are adaptable for shower room bathrooms, ensuite shower rooms, family bathrooms, and jack and jill bathrooms. Our cabinets consist of high quality, environmentally green woods and wash basins in contemporary European and other sophisticated and classic schools of design.