San Francisco Bathroom Remodeling

San Francisco bathroom remodeling holds value better than any other home improvement that you can make. It’s something you can do yourself or hire a professional to assist or completely take over for you.


San Francisco bathroom remodeling is mainly going to be small bathrooms. Our company recommends taking out the bathtub and placing it in tile shower this saves valuable square footage and gives you opportunities to expand the cabinetry. A nice vanity will help open up the room. There are a lot of different tricks you can take on creating a more city friendly space.


Another popular remodeling solution for rental properties with large amounts of tenants but limited bathroom space is to create a separate shower room and a room with a toilet and sink. This gives tenants the opportunity to have privacy without under utilizing the available square footage. This is a very European style approach and San Francisco bathroom remodeling should reflect that. San Francisco is considered the most European city in the United States. Understanding consumer behavior can help make the most of every dollar spent on San Francisco bathroom remodeling projects.


One of the biggest reasons that people spend so much money on remodeling bathrooms  is to impress guests. San Francisco is the place to live right now. Aesthetic changes can make all the difference in impressing guests and friends and family. A simple beautification will also make the occupants feel more relaxed. When you have small bathroom spaces, every decision you make has lasting consequences. The irony is that these small bathrooms see more usage than the larger ones in other parts of the country.


Bay Area Cabinetry knows all the different companies that operate in San Francisco bathroom remodeling arena. There are many codes that need to be met when operating as a contractor and undergoing remodeling efforts. Having accuracy in planning and execution of green projects is a huge factor to consider when looking for a bathroom remodeling professional in San Francisco.


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