Our Story

Bay Area Cabinetry is an American company founded by European engineers with 25 years of experience. Thanks to the hard work, new partnerships and innovative technologies our company has been making cabinetry for builders community and discerning homeowners successfully with great service and quality.

By keeping a close eye on current architectural and design trends, we can be sure that we continue to bring you the best in contemporary kitchen style. Added to this, we also strive to offer the latest in technology twinned with other innovations such as smart storage. The result is a range of kitchens that lead the way in both form and features. So when you’re looking for today’s most modern kitchens, you know where to come.

Our goal is to make great design, superior products and expert service accessible and affordable to connoisseurs everywhere. Every cabinet order is manufactured to exact specifications, using exclusive materials  and completed using trusted names for the standard and specialty hardware. We are neither a re seller nor a middleman and we control our production and manufacture in the facility staffed with skilled and professional craftspeople. We trace our product from the time you order to the moment it is delivered to you and that allows our standards to remain high, lead time shorter and price point affordable.

Whether you are a homeowner or an accomplished designer or builder, we invite you to experience Bay Area Cabinetry Advantage. We look forward to share our expertise on your next project! Whatever your cabinetry requirements are, we will work with you closely to meet your specific needs.