Oakland Custom Cabinets

Bay Area Cabinetry concentrates its efforts on providing reliable and affordable custom cabinets. We are specifically oriented towards Business to Business relationships with property owners of green projects. We are well suited for ongoing relationships with contractors, architects, builders of any kind. Our products are made from materials that are mindful of their waste emissions, which is very popular among prospective home buyers in Oakland. We like to promote a philosophy of green kitchens, green bathrooms, and green homes.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler.”

Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)

The Bay Area is an interesting microcosm of ideas. We are the most forward thinking part of the country, and our company adopts that mindset when it sources its products. Unlike our competitors, we pride ourselves on our oversight and hold ourselves accountable to the environment. We are entering an era where cabinetry, and every other part of a home, must be compared based not only on cost, but on its eco footprint.

Our cabinet styles are up-to-date with the school of design present in today’s housing market. We respect the environmental choices made in places like Oakland and want to continue towards a more sustainable building future. Our products are CARB certified. Our contractors study green trends intensively and work in variable building environments.

We specialize in sourcing the product, but our company also has contractors who will install and help with all kitchen remodeling necessities.

We offer contemporary styles made with state-of-the-art green raw materials. We are abreast of the current trends taking place in Oakland Cabinetry and treat our product like the commodity that it is- art for your home. Our company understands that this is an expensive undertaking and seeks to provide qualified experts to estimate and follow through on delivering on the vision you want for your home.