Menlo Park Modern European Cabinets

The best thing about living in a place like Menlo Park is it’s heritage. It was started by two Irish immigrants. Bay Area Cabinetry was started by two Eastern European immigrants. It’s services are now offered in Menlo Park and we have extensive experience in dealing with that part of the peninsula.

Most of the economic activity in Menlo Park occurs near Sand Creek Road. Many of the workers in Menlo Park are commuters, but if given a home with modern european cabinets, may consider switching over. A modern european cabinet is a tempting luxury, as most homes are still downtrodden with their worn kitchen cabinet designs. The doors are frameless instead of framed. The lines on modern cabinets are clean and simple. Most modern cabinet designs are considered to be the hallmark of more sophisticated and state-of-the-art type of people. European designs are on the cutting edge of what constitutes a modern cabinet home in Menlo Park.

Modern cabinets are not overly ornate. European Cabinet design is minimalist and sleek. Modern European Cabinet has a purpose that is inherently user-friendly and creates a spacious atmosphere. Modern cabinets can make your kitchen look bigger without costing you more. European cabinets have simple and clean lines which make the area look more spacious. The look costs a lot less, and uses more environmentally friendly resources. The combination of veneer and man made materials creates a distinctive look which makes your home look like a piece of art. It is important to choose a style that you will enjoy looking at everyday. Modern cabinets can be timeless if done in a black or white color scheme.

Menlo Park Renewability and Sustainability Guarantee

Bay Area Cabinetry supports green building initiatives. We are aware of CARB and LEED   guidelines and our goal is to edge closer to sourcing our products by those certifications every day.