High Gloss Colors

Colors radiates fun and energy and with a proper design can make a clear statement of style.  Dominating color could be chosen or just used as accents in combination with high quality textured melamine of contrasting color. We cover a wide variety of colours and finishing touches, from sleek aluminium trimmed doors to the super cool handleless kitchen door. With vibrant modern colours, acrylic or factory painted kitchen doors are versatile but they don’t skimp on style!




With our outstanding range of choice when it comes to colours, finishes and styles we’re sure that we can build the perfect kitchen in a variation that matches your ideas. Inspiration for your new kitchen can come from anywhere – your favourite colour, the sleek rain-splashed look of your car after a shower, the natural warmth of your kitchen table as you brush it with your fingers… wherever and however your muse strikes we have a kitchen to match.