Green Home

Bay Area Cabinetry is CARB compliant, but what does that mean?

In technical terms, this means 100% of our cabinets products are compliant with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Airborne Toxic Control Measure (ATCM) to reduce formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products including hardwood plywood (HWPW), medium density fiberboard (MDF), and particleboard (PB)(Title 17, California Code of Regulations §93120-93120.12).

In laymen’s terms, it means that Bay Area Cabinetry complies with the nation’s strictest regulations regarding formaldehyde.

Bay Area Cabinetry’s CARB compliance coupled with its ESP certification assures that your cabinetry is manufactured by an environmentally responsible company with environmentally friendly manufacturing materials and processes. 

Our Exotic Veneers—each have a core that’s certified NAUF—no added urea formaldehyde. On top of each veneer is a water-based—not acrylic based—top coat. To create the bamboo veneer for example, bamboo is steamed (caramelized) to create a rich tone. Other veneers are created from renewable plantation hardwoods. No endangered trees are in harm’s way to create these exotic looks!

What materials does Bay Area Cabinetry recycle?

We recycles cardboard, paper and electronics and also items not usually thought of as recyclable, such as forklift batteries, coolant and shop lights. Wood scrap and dust is used to generate energy in ethanol plants. Shelves for cabinets are made in part from recycled wood. 

These days, reducing waste is called “eco-awareness”. We’ve always just called it common sense. When you build something right the first time, there’s not much waste to worry about.