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We’d love to give a price quote  right on our website, however, no two homes require the same type, style or size of cabinetry A trustworthy company simply can`t give you a price without ever seeing your home any more than a doctor can diagnose you without an examination. Every home—like every person—is unique and deserves individual attention. To get an accurate quote, we need to visit your home to measure your space and evaluate your particular needs.

Important: Some of the homeowners hope to get estimates entirely online.  Your home is unique. Shouldn’t a professional come to your home and make sure that you get exactly what you need? Accurate estimates on kitchen cabinets can only be provided by design professional who actually inspects the project site. We know you want an accurate quote with no surprises. Unlike others who may quote approximate prices that often dramatically change once they visit your home, we’d rather carry out a thorough inspection as soon as possible. That way we can give you a definitive quote so you’re sure the price you’re paying  is clear. You’ll know exactly what your new cabinets will cost.  Before we set up in home estimate, we would really appreciate description, possibly some pictures and ideas of desired look you are after.


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