Exotic Veneers

Engineered from sustainable logs grown in well managed forests, veneer is popular alternative to solid wood permitting the same pattern across all adjacent doors. Clean, straight grain and uniformity of color and pattern that wood species won’t supply. Layered and glued together with the grain at right angles over a thick core of particleboard, medium density board or a plywood.






Veneers creates stylish look of the modern lifestyle and provides visual continuity incorporating highly grained veneered slab doors and drawers including paneling.  Attractive design lines with matt finish  and full overlay cabinet construction blend to give you the pleasure of beautiful furniture. Ask any design professional and they’ll tell you the same thing: more and more people are demanding the look and feel of natural wood. Architects, interior designers, furniture designers, and woodworkers are all getting back to nature.






Contemporary kitchen design isn’t just about shiny surfaces. Wood veneer kitchens create a classic look with that desirable contemporary feel. Fantastic range is available for your project, and we are offering our expertise to make it true modern classics.