Atherton Modern European Cabinets

Modern European Cabinetry is all about showcasing your personal style. It is an opportunity to make the modern cabinets an extension of existing interior design themes in the home. Atherton is a region that contains some of the most lavish homes in America. Atherton is at the top of the list of most expensive zip codes in the country. For this reason alone, a modern european cabinet is a must. Bay Area Cabinetry has been serving the entire bay area for the better part of a decade, and Atherton is a market where we see a lot of favorable circumstances for modern european kitchen renovations. While the population hovers around 7,000 as of 2012, all 7,000 will need a modern european cabinet in their home. In Atherton’s case, it will probably go in the Pool House. While the major tech companies may be Cupertino or Menlo Park, the top officers of those companies reside in Atherton.

Bay Area Cabinetry offers a slew of modern european cabinet designs. We offer european cabinet designs that contain man made materials that are renewable. Most of our products are sustainable and sourced from products that are environmentally friendly. The modern cabinets contain a hybrid of veneer and man made items like stainless steel.  We offer custom contemporary cabinets that can be made in a large variety of combinations. The best way to describe the way a modern european cabinet looks is a combination of streamlined, trim, elegant, graceful.

Modern Cabinets tend to have a shinier finish, but our custom contemporary cabinets can be adjusted to whatever style is preferred. Modern Cabinets are not all constructed the same way. Especially at Bay Area Cabinetry. You start with a box, with or (usually) without a frame. With our customizable options, you can add whatever cool storage features. You usually want a few shelves, drawer fronts, pot and pan storage. To finish, you add a few veneer options to round out the man made materials (steel, etc.).

What accounts for the different prices in modern european cabinets? The type of material’s thickness is a large factor. The wood species and the color/quality of the finish.

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